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Below are some initial reactions to Horn Technique.

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….This book really is fresh and new. …there is much here that will very new to readers. Bravo! Horn Technique …is an impressive publication, one with much to offer. …It is as advertised truly “a new approach to an old instrument.” Serious students of the horn should check out this book – a huge bargain selling for only $19.99 as a print version and $9.99 for Kindle [eBook]. – Prof. John Ericson, Horn Matters (Arizona State University)


This is one of those “once in a lifetime” books on all things horn (and at $20 the best purchase ever). Jeff Agrell’s voice is so present in this must-have books for all horn players. I am using this in my University of Florida Horn Studio as a required text. We have already experienced great progress in our playing from Jeff’s wisdom and practically. Thank you Jeff for sharing your many years of experience with us all! And for shattering the traditional, stagnant and quite frankly stale ideas that have so long been a part of standard horn instruction. Bravo! –Prof. Paul Basler, University of Florida


WOW! – Prof. Jeff Snedeker, President of the International Horn Society


…Run, don’t walk, and get this book for your own library. – Jonathan Harnum, author of The Practice of Practice


This book is huge and it covers several aspects of horn playing with humor and clever and fresh approaches. Having both the digital and physical copy is a great option. –Ricardo Matosinhos


Love it! –Prof. Nancy Joy, New Mexico State University


I’m a Music Education major with horn as my principal instrument. I didn’t start playing horn until college, so I never got the normal beginning horn instruction that most people get in middle school. This book has been extremely helpful to me for the basics, more advanced strategies for my own horn playing, and strategies for teaching students of my own. Very worthwhile purchase! –Heather Rasch


During the summer I tend to take a break from reading horn-related books and articles, reading more science fiction and other types of “for-pleasure” stuff than I do during the academic year. This summer, though, I made it a point to dive into Professor Jeffrey Agrell’s magnum opus, Horn Technique: A New Approach to an Old Instrument. As John Ericson noted in his review on Horn Matters, a “brief” review of this nearly 500-page tome is next to impossible. But…if I could offer only two words about Professor Agrell’s new book, they would be “buy it!” You won’t find a more thoughtful, comprehensive, top-to-bottom, nuts and bolts discussion of horn playing anywhere. In a holistic yet meticulously detailed way, Agrell addresses not only horn playing, but overall musicianship as well. While many of the chapters cover traditional material – warming up, practice strategies, fingering, etc. – Agrell’s approach is always fresh and full of unique ways to tackle familiar problems. Jeff loves to challenge our (mis)conceptions, and brings to bear decades of teaching and performing experience. In some ways, though, the title is misleading, as Horn Technique is much more ambitious in its scope. Agrell proposes a reboot of the traditional way we approach music education. Instead of obsessing about note names and fingerings as beginners, we ought to learn music the way babies learn spoken language – through imitation, improvisation, and memorization of brief patterns which can be built upon later. Only once those basics are mastered should notation be introduced. … At the heart of this book is the idea of questioning traditional approaches to horn playing. There is of course much to be learned from the great players and teachers of the past, but Agrell asks that we be willing to consider alternative methods along with traditional ones. Although I’ve read the entire book cover to cover, I’ve only just begun to dig into Horn Technique. The principles and exercises in it will keep both my students and me occupied for some time. And at $19.99 for the hard copy, this is an incredibly affordable text. – Prof. James Boldin (, University of Louisiana-Monroe


…While most of the topics are specific to horn playing, much of the discussion in this book can easily apply to other brass instruments. The book starts with a simple and understandable definition of what actually is a horn (length of tubing). Then Agrell lays out where the horn student should begin in learning this complex instrument. Being quite thorough, Agrell covers topics ranging from overtone series, valveless vs. valves, scales/arpeggios, and much MUCH more. … With the likes of Farkas, Schuller, and Tuckwell, Horn Technique will be become a staple not only for the horn community but also the brass world in being a pedagogical resource for all brass musicians. – Last Row Music (, online resource for brass musicians)

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